• landondmise:

    My friend Brent is an extremely talented illustrator that I hate with every bit of my heart because he’s so dang good. Here are some of his newest Garbage Pail Kids illustrations. Hate him with me.

  • Pessimistic Narcissist to an extreme. That’s the easiest way I can think to describe the title character Wilson. I really enjoyed the book as I tend to fall into the pessimist camp myself a lot of the time but thankfully I haven’t laid down roots there like Wilson. 

    There were shining moments of tenderness and clarity on life and love but almost always dashed on the rocks with his dark outlook on it all. If I re-read it with more of a comical view of the darkest outpourings of Wilson I’d probably like it even more. 

    On a purely artistic standpoint I loved the variation in style from piece to piece. It clearly tells a story but Clowes flexes muscles I haven’t seen elsewhere in his work.

    After I finished reading it I was reading the back cover and learned that this was Clowes first full graphic novel. If you like his more popular titles like Ghost World you’ll probably like Wilson but as I heard Clowes say in an interview once - “I’ve never met anyone who likes all of my work.”

  • 52 "Books" in 52 Weeks

    Every year I have high aspirations of some daily creative endeavor.  I’d love to go out and do some street photography, draw a portrait, or design some hand drawn type.  The bare facts are I don’t have that kind of time right now.  

    Instead, this year, I’m choosing to consume.  That’s oversimplifying it but that says a little bit about how I feel about the choice.  I’m going to try to read 52 self gratifying pieces this year.  A simple one per week concept.  Sure, I’ll draw, take photos, write some seemingly meaningless quips but for right now I’m only committing to read some stuff I simply want to read.

    We’re not talking about some serious philosophical or theological material.  I’m thinking zines, comics, graphic novels, and over hyped young adult pieces.  Not as lofty a goal as it sounded before, right?  Oh well.  Here goes nothing.. 

  • My youngest son in reference to his new camping silverware -“I could sooo cut a cookie with this!”

  • George. Founder of an early 20th century I.O.O.F. Lodge.

  • Thank you to everyone who came out last night. It was a bittersweet end of an era. Unforgettable night for an unforgettable friend. I love you all.

  • So many favorite things at the same time.  Misfits, AFI, Halloween, and The Showcase Theatre.

  • From the moment we met, til’ we’ve paid our debt.

  • 106-year old Armenian woman protecting her home with an AK-47, 1990

  • Digging this new color way we are printing this week for Boulevard Brewery.


Hello Hello.  My name is Christian Soulliere.  That's Sue-Lee-Air.. I know it's impossible. I currently live in the middle of the middle of the united states, Kansas City Missouri.  I am the Creative Director for Bandwagon Merchandise.  I have had the pleasure of working on lots of things for lots of people.  I love what I do.

I have been married for over nine years to the greatest lady I know.  Together we have produced four beautiful, hilarious and talented children.

So, I like to make things.  I would probably like to make them for you.  Shoot me an email sometime.