• Faster than the eye can see

    Faster than the eye can see

    Came across this cool old ad and the tag line caught my attention.  "Faster-than-the eye-can-see" Italian Stiletto will be the center of conversation wherever you show it.  

    Imagine that, pulling a stilletto out in common settings and it drawing attention!  I felt inspired by the strangeness of it all and put this type based peice together.  Enjoy.


Hello Hello.  My name is Christian Soulliere.  That's Sue-Lee-Air.. I know it's impossible. I currently live in the middle of the middle of the united states, Kansas City Missouri.  I am the Creative Director for Bandwagon Merchandise.  I have had the pleasure of working on lots of things for lots of people.  I love what I do.

I have been married for over nine years to the greatest lady I know.  Together we have produced four beautiful, hilarious and talented children.

So, I like to make things.  I would probably like to make them for you.  Shoot me an email sometime.