• Faster than the eye can see

    Faster than the eye can see

    Came across this cool old ad and the tag line caught my attention.  "Faster-than-the eye-can-see" Italian Stiletto will be the center of conversation wherever you show it.  

    Imagine that, pulling a stilletto out in common settings and it drawing attention!  I felt inspired by the strangeness of it all and put this type based peice together.  Enjoy.

  • Mindhaus


    I put together some branding for a friend who does some consulting and programming work.  We wanted to portray both the name, and the very electronic nature of the work his company does.  Pretty happy with the results and so was he.

  • Landon + Dayly

    Landon + Dayly

    Wedding invitations I illustrated a few months ago for my good friend Landon.  Dayly and Landon came to me with a carnival theme for their wedding and an open mind.  After many conversations about must haves and must not haves I think we came up with something that suited them well.  

    We managed to fit in some wood grain and a little hand drawn type.  

    Here's to many years ahead of you.  Cheers.

  • Everyday is a Journey

    Everyday is a Journey

    "Everyday is a journey and the journey itself is home." a quote from the Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō.  One might think it a little cheesey at face value but I'd like to think not.  

    The past year has been a rocky one for my family and I.  Just one year ago, this friday, my grandfather died. He suffered for years with parkinsins disease and ahlziemers.  He was foundational to so many aspects of my life.  If that weren't enough to continue to process, on April 13th our home burnt down along with nearly everything we owned.

    We were surrounded on both occasions by people who love us and care about us.  In some instances people we had either just met or still have never met who sent us letters, threw us a fundraiser or gave us gifts to help us get back on our feet.  The generosity was more overwhelming than the fire itself. 

    With all of that in mind I wanted to create something that communciated what I was learning through all of this. 

  • Dirt Bag Arts

    Dirt Bag Arts

    This friday my wife and I will be setting up at Dirt Bag Arts.  Really looking forward to the event and seeing what other creative folks have made here in Kansas City.  The image above was one of several items I designed to print and sell at the event.  A little teaser as to what you'll be able to find this weekend.  

    We decided against printing this thank you card but I didn't want to see it go to waste.  With that in mind I've posted the link here for a free download.  A little vintage wood type goodness to tell someone Thanks.


Hello Hello.  My name is Christian Soulliere.  That's Sue-Lee-Air.. I know it's impossible. I currently live in the middle of the middle of the united states, Kansas City Missouri.  I am the Creative Director for Bandwagon Merchandise.  I have had the pleasure of working on lots of things for lots of people.  I love what I do.

I have been married for over nine years to the greatest lady I know.  Together we have produced four beautiful, hilarious and talented children.

So, I like to make things.  I would probably like to make them for you.  Shoot me an email sometime.